When it comes to happiness people have different definition of the term. There are different kinds of happiness. Good news, a pat on the back by your boss makes people happy. But that’s temporal. I want us to think about as self- love. It’s happiness when you smile with your eyes. The one we get when our significant other has done something wonderful and mindful for us.

What would you do to get this kind of happiness? Sometimes we set aside our happiness just to make it through the everyday. We overlook our own happiness for the greater good, for the sake of others. We get stuck in relationships we don’t want to be in for the fear of being lonely or never being loved again. We do jobs we don’t really like because of the pay. We end up getting to a point in our lives where we feel stuck, trapped, thinking that anything else must be better than this, not even realizing how we ever got stuck here in the first place.

We are afraid of happiness. Everybody wants to be happy, but very idea of pursuing happiness frightens us. We see it ask a too greater risk as if it’s not logical enough. We end up telling our self that we will be happy eventually. But when is that going to be?

You shouldn’t wait to be happy because you owe it to yourself to be your best self. You shouldn’t wait to be happy because nobody can make you happy but you. You shouldn’t wait for tomorrow to be happy. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.

You deserve to be happy. And that is your birthright. Remember that no one is the reason for your own happiness, except you yourself, so don’t waste time and effort searching in the world outside. It begins with you. Realize that you are in control of your own happiness.

Don’t let toxic relationships and old mistakes ruin your chance to happiness. Don’t let your happiness slip into a black hole of should’ve and should have-nots. Scars remind us of who we were, not who we are. It time to let go and move on. Happiness is looking in the rear-view mirror at your past self and being thankful that you’re not that person anymore.

It takes courage and determination to achieve true happiness. One step at a time, the trick is to learn to live through the small moments of happiness.

But dot be fooled it’s not a 24 hours affair; you will get challenges along the way, but instead of letting it irritate you, take charge and do something dramatic to change that path. Try and do something that make you burst with excitement. Always strive to be happy.