Have you ever wondered what your regret will be at your end, well Bronnie Ware an Australian nurse who spent several years working in palliative care, caring for patients in the last 12 weeks of their lives recorded their dying epiphanies in a blog called Inspiration and Chai. Below are five of the most common regrets that people have. Read them and see what you can do to change and empower your life for the better.

If only I had stopped pleasing other people so much, I would have lived my dreams and been true to myself

It’s only on reflection that people realise that they gave up or changed their dreams in order to please other people and their expectations.

A lot of their dreams have gone unfulfilled because of the choices they have made.

They were so busy trying to make other people happy and accepting of them, that they never thought how this would affect their own dreams and aspirations.

Don’t let this be you.

Don’t compromise your life and your dreams for someone else.

Try and live your life how you want to live it.

Follow your dreams.

If only I’d kept in touch with my friends

People get caught up in life. It’s only when they had time to think about it, that they realised that they let a lot of good friendships pass by and found out how much they missed them.

We let friends go in and out of our life because we don’t give them the time and effort to keep them going.

We need to realise the true importance of friends.

Look at your relationships. Are you spending enough time being a friend or are you just passing through life and letting them go?

Do you really want to be alone?

If only I didn’t work so hard

People realised too late that they spent so much of their lives working and not enough time with their loved ones.

They missed out and sacrificed moments which could have been spent with their partners and seeing their children growing up.

Life shouldn’t be about working so hard that you miss things.

Take a look at your life. Are you working too hard? Are you trying to keep up with the Joneses?

Simplify your life. You don’t have to work hard just to get more stuff.

Realise that living and spending time with people is far more important than working for things.

If only I had the guts to say what I wanted  

People recognised that in order to keep the peace in life and with people, they didn’t fully express their thoughts and feelings, but by not doing so, they were never really honest with themselves.

They never became who they were truly capable of being and therefore settled for a mediocre life.

If you don’t fight for what you want, you will always be resentful of the fact that you settled in life. You will always be thinking about what could have been.

From now on, try and be true to yourself and speak honestly.

If something is annoying you or you have an issue with someone, speak up about it, because otherwise it will just keep eating away at you.

Be open, honest and polite in what you say, and don’t settle for less in your life.

If only I had let myself be happier

Happiness is a choice. Its only when you reflect back that this is realised.

People stay stuck in a routine of comfort. They are familiar with it and don’t like change.

But this fear of change has led them to pretend that they are happy with their life and that they are contented, but in reality they long for something different.

They stay in a life which they don’t like.

Don’t be one of these people.

Make changes.

Do something that makes you happy and let go of what other people may or may not think of you.

Be everything that you want to be.



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