Be Passionate, but Also Be Realistic –Passion without realistic direction leads to frustration and failure.

Keep Up with Current Events – Not knowing why North Korea is in the news so often can lead you into some horribly embarrassing dialogues.

There is a Difference between a List of Goals and a Wish List –Don’t just sit there waiting for a miracle to move your goals forward take actions. Goals without a proper course of action are just a wish list.

Everyone is Multidimensional and so are Our Successes – Just because someone is successful in one part of their life, does not necessarily mean they are universally successful.

Fear Will Only Hold You Back – The most effective means are not always the most comforting.  It is imperative that we take risks in our lives.  If it makes sense to do so, we must be ready to step outside of our comfort zone.

Emotional Decisions are Usually Bad Decisions – Decisions driven by heavy emotion are typically misguided reactions rather than proactive judgments.  These reactions are decisions made with a minimal amount of thought so always consult your better judgment.

There Are Different Levels of Intellect – Overall intelligence isn’t just about IQ. There are some extremely intelligent people who are complete social and emotional morons.

Bad Feedback Can Be Better than Good Feedback – bad feedback taken with the right attitude actually pushes one in the right direction.  It provides the ability to improve oneself.

Utilize Your Instincts – Not everything is what is seems, you must never ignore your own instincts.  Sometimes they can help you evaluate circumstances far better than any third-party reference.

Get Enough Sleep – You will not be productive if you are exhausted that’s a fact.

Motivation Fluctuates, but Finish What You Start

Flexibility for Change is Vital –The whole universe is constantly changing around us.  Learning to accept change is vital to happiness and general success.

Identify What You Don’t Want – It’s important to understand that the things we don’t want are just as important as the things we do want.  If you ignore what you don’t want and put all your attention on what you do want, you’ll end up getting what you don’t want.

Problems Don’t Just Disappear –Don’t be a victim of avoiding problems, face them as they come. Problems must be addressed, they don’t just disappear.

Take Ownership of Your Actions – Consciously think before you act.  When the decision is made to act, always take full ownership of your actions, even when the outcome is negative. Only those who properly address the issue have the capability to succeed in the long term.


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