Sometime I wish I could go back in time, change all the times I  loved so much that I forgot about myself and my own needs. The times I gave so much and forgot that I should keep a little bit back just for me. The times I got so caught up in helping others that I overlooked I needed a little help as well. And most of all, the times I thought I could just do it all, denying that I also have my limits, forgetting that having limitations is human.

I can’t travel through time, so today I have to learn to live with myself, take responsibility for my mistakes and above all learn to forgive myself. For all the times spent not reaching for the stars, for being fragile, for unnecessary guilt, for blaming myself for my misery, for striving for unattainable perfection, for turning against myself, for closing my heart to myself and to others, for trying to anticipate everything, for hating myself sometimes. I have to accept that I am human, I am not perfect. And through my mistakes is how I learn, and through forgiveness I will learn to love myself.

So from this day on, I choose to rise to my conscious mind. I choose to embrace the power of choice, to respond instead of react. I choose to have patience with myself. I choose to accept the fact that I am going to make mistakes, to forgive myself when I make them, and to see those mistakes not as proof of inadequacy or failure, but as opportunities for learning and growth.

I make a choice to be authentic and embrace who I am. I choose to honor my body and its needs, to cherish my body for all that it allows me to do, and to be grateful that I have a body to live in.

I choose to be compassionate with myself when I am struggling and to give myself permission to ask for help when I need it. I choose to be honest with myself and the people around me.

I choose to focus on the good in my life. I choose to keep getting back up, no matter how many times I fall, and to not let the fear of falling keep me from participating in life.

I choose to believe in myself and my ability to heal. I choose love and friendship and laugher. I choose hope. Again, and again, I choose life.


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