How do you measure your true worth? We live in a society that is consumed with status symbols. We judge people based on the brand of car they drive, the designer’s name on their clothes, the number of zero in their accounts and their residence. Am man from runda is seen as superior beign than the one from Eastland’s.

This is a big misconception and if you’re not careful, you too will begin to base my worth on how many of those things you own or where you reside. I know it’s not easy to feel worthwhile when your entire culture tells to fear and look up to those status symbols and that your true worth is directly related to your net worth.  And so, we bury our heads in the sand, forgetting that we are here for a purpose. We end up diminishing the amount of influence and impact that we can have on the world because we feel that the world does not want to listen to us.

I know its tough to feel like you don’t measure up, to feel like you don’t have or ever will have any of the status symbols that this world demands. But don’t let that stop you from being a blessing. For at the end of the day you have something much greater that the world is desperate for, its up to you to figure out what it is. Step out, see beyond your need, even above the difficulty of your situation and be a blessing in someone’s life, even in the life of someone who seems like they have all together. For you see, the cars, the expensive homes and the fancy clothes only hide the devastating disease that covers the inner-most parts of our souls, self pity and worthlessness.

It time to replace this old entrenched beliefs and habits that keep you stuck. Open your eyes to realizing your true worth. Go out and make the world a better place for someone. You are capable of so much more. You are a child of the universe.

Always remember, its not what you take when you leave this world that will count but what you weave into the hearts of others.

Be kind and share.


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