Believe in tomorrow, for it holds the key to your dreams. Follow your heart, never surrender your dreams. Constantly work towards your goals. Believe in yourself, and always be truthful. Take time to enjoy life’s pleasures. Keep your mind open to new experiences. Think before acting, but don’t forget the joys of spontaneity. Make your own decisions. Look out for yourself, but remember that you share this universe with others. Look for the good in others, everybody has their own song to sing. Live each moment to the fullest, for a moment too soon becomes a memory. Look for opportunities, not guarantees. Hope for the best. Give people a chance to love you, for that is how you learn to love. Live your life for yourself, but always be considerate of others. Believe in tomorrow, for it holds the key to your dreams.                                                                                    Melissa Ososki

Life is full of unlimited possibilities and choices. We can become or do anything our hearts and minds desire. Yet, most of us will spend our entire lives in our comfort zones where the illusion of safety in guaranteed, never challenging ourselves to go out and venture into the deep seas, to reach our full potential.

Today you can make a bold choice, start making your way to the deep scarily ocean, you can decide to start making changes. You can choose to challenge yourself into taking on those difficult tasks that you have shelved for so long, take on that dream that you let go or even dream again. Allow yourself to start the process of moving away from the safe harbor that you have created. Choose to set your sails toward your dreams today, and don’t allow the fear of the unknown paralyze you.

It takes courage to find and live your passions. Remember that you only get this one life; so you might as well dream big and go for it. Work toward finding and creating those things that will bring happiness and joy to not only your own life, but those around you. Break free from the anchors of excuses that are keeping you from living a life of purpose and direction. If you will work toward discovering your life’s purpose, you can have and do more than you could ever imagine. So be bold, and start designing your best life today.

Remember, there will never be a perfect moment to start taking action on your goals and dreams. So don’t allow yourself to become fooled by this illusion. The perfect timing for anything does not exist, you must create it. Success is not something that waits around to be picked up at your convenience. If you want things to happen, then it’s up to you to make them happen. Nobody can write your story, but you. You hold the power to lead yourself to success through your daily actions.


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