Here’s to the people who try their hardest to be good enough for everyone; who spend hours reading random quotes to find the right one; who listen to the same song dozens of times because the lyrics mean a lot; who deserve so much more than they get and are willing to fight for it and those who wished upon a star, wasted on someone that will never care; and to the beautiful people that feel lonely in their heart.

As human beings we sometimes find ourselves in satiation where we feel sorry for ourselves, we feel like failures, like we aren’t cut out for success. Too many times we get stuck believing this audacious myth. But in truth we are all good enough to do incredible things. The universe is aligned for us to be here. Here are few things we need to remember whenever we feel we are not good enough.

  • You have your own path – Sometimes the reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our circumstances with everyone else’s. Forget what everyone else is doing and achieving. Your life is about breaking your own limits and outgrowing yourself to live YOUR best life.
  • Accept where you are right now – Sometimes we avoid experiencing exactly where we are because we have developed a belief, based on our ideals, that it is not where we should be or want to be. But the truth is, where you are right now is exactly where you need to be to get to where you want to go tomorrow so accept it.
  • Focus on all of your best qualities. We all have weaknesses but what distinguishes the winners from the losers is that the winners know to focus on their strengths and avoid having to expose their weaknesses. More often than not, we overestimate how worse off we really are. We may not feel that we are good enough, but it’s usually just in our heads. Look at what you believe to be your greatest weaknesses and calculate how they affect the bigger picture
  • Find comfort in knowing that you are better than countless others. You may be sloppy, lazy, slow, fat and below average, but there are people who are worse off. So take stock of your blessings, and you will see all the strength you need.
  • Failures are really just lessons that need to be learned. No day is ever wasted when you live it with purpose and presence. Value and enjoy the journey, even when there are detours along the way.
  • Yesterday’s impossibilities may be possible today. Experience is the hardest kind of teacher; it gives you the test first and the lesson afterward. But this is really a blessing. It means you’re growing stronger and more capable with every passing day. So don’t you dare give up on today because of the way things looked yesterday. Don’t even think about it.
  • You don’t need to get everyone’s approval first. Stop listening to what the world says you should want. Start listening to who you are. Truth be told, there are only a few people in this world who will stay completely true to you, be one of them.
  • Remember true strength comes from within. You cannot achieve any goal you set unless you have the drive and inner belief that you can and will be able to achieve.
  • Everyone makes mistakes .The positive perspective and the real truth about mistakes are that they are an opportunity to teach us something and allow us to grow. At times they can also point out our weaknesses so that we can grow stronger in that area. We are students here and mistakes are evidence we are trying and doing the best we can. When we continually learn and grow from our mistakes we begin to see bigger success in our life, true and lasting happiness. Success takes work and mistakes are part of that.
  • Be kind and gentle with yourself. You’re doing the best you can. You don’t have to beat yourself up over not “getting there” fast enough, or as fast as the people you wish to be like. As long as you can come away at the end of the day knowing you gave it your all, that’s all anyone can truly do. Your light is shining, no matter how small the flame. Even if your flame is the smallest in the world, it will still cut through the darkest night. You could even think of a flower garden. Each flower blooms at its own pace and shows it’s unique beauty as it does so. Continue reaching for the light, allowing yourself to be nurtured. Much like the flower, your life will come into bloom as well.
  • Change your perspective. You can’t always change things, but you can ALWAYS change the way you look at things. The present moment was created as a collective manifestation of your past thoughts, words and actions. So to solve the puzzle you are in you need to look and tackle things differently.

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