Stalling is a common issue amongst the human race. While sometimes stalling can be used in a positive way, such as when used in sports to intimidate the opposing team, more often than not stalling is a dangerous road to travel down.

Though some individuals set out trying to avoid certain activities, some find themselves doing so unintentionally. For example, when it comes to facing our fears, many of us tend to stall due to fear of failure or of the unknown.

The thing about stalling is that, while it may feel beneficial at the time, it eventually harms us more than it helps. Every single time we refuse to face our fears or challenge ourselves, we are allowing our anxiety to win; to feel as if it is in control. Every time that we choose not to force ourselves to be brave, we are telling anxiety that it is okay to hold us back.

We can all overcome our obstacles. However, allowing anxiety to come between us and challenging our fears makes us believe otherwise. Even if it doesn’t seem to register, by giving into our fears, we are telling ourselves that we can’t face them head on and win. By turning down the opportunity to walk through the fire and make it to the other side, we are telling ourselves that we don’t have the strength – something that is far from the truth.

So next time you feel as if your fears are too strong to overcome, remember that shying away from facing them head on is merely allowing them to have more power over you. Stand up for yourself and remember that you are in fact stronger than that which tries to limit you from being the best you can be. Face your fears today – even if you do so in small steps!

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